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The roots of Eyes Violet were formed when musicians Devon O’Reilly and Justin Bell connected in Toronto in 2013. O’Reilly’s skillful songwriting and powerful vocals were well suited to Bell’s instrumental talents. As their repertoire and sound progressed over the years, it became evident that they were reaching the ceiling of their development as a duet, and the natural next step was to begin experimenting with bigger, more complex musical arrangements.

O’Reilly’s vocal style, a blend of folk-country roots with a decidedly gritty punch, combined with Bell’s primary skill as a rock drummer, called for a powerful yet versatile guitarist to fill out the sound. Enter Ryan Morrow, whose rhythmic and melodic creativity brought a renewed energy to the group. The addition of James Young, a veteran bassist with whom the other members had all worked before, rounded out the foursome, and Eyes Violet was born.

Currently gearing up to record their first EP as a band, Eyes Violet is eager to continue their momentum in the Toronto music scene, and looks forward to taking their material on tour in 2018.




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